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evolution ligh love Jul 25, 2023

Are we all just crazy?

I’ve been bouncing between the calm joy of spiritual awakening and the panicked fear of “maybe I’m just crazy” this week and figured it was time to share because if I’m feeling this way I’m sure so are many of you. 

One of the spiritual awakening symptoms is this feeling of complete knowing, trust, and faith that we truly are part of something bigger than us, call it angels, aliens, the feeling of the light – our soul knows it is on an eternal journey and no amount of propaganda is going to keep us from fulfilling our mission.

That is of course until the moments of doubt creep in. Usually after sharing the wrong thing with the wrong person and feeling that sense of judgment and impending doom that kept lightworkers hidden for millennia.

Most conversations we have when awakening are with others on the same journey with open hearts and open minds as we attract each other into our lives to help us through. 

But occasionally we’re stuck in the “wrong place wrong time” in a relationship or job where the people we used to think get us suddenly really don’t.

Important Lesson #1 on your awakening- share only what people are ready to hear!!

The mistake we’ve made in “coming out” before is telling people too much of what we know before they’re even able to conceive of it. Remember there are four planes of awareness we must move through before we’re ready to trust in the true spiritual message of love.

Imagine if you now told you 10 years ago what you now believe to be true? You would’ve run screaming right? Or marched yourself straight down to the Dr's Office. 

Important Lesson #2 – Anything that incites fear is NOT the pathway to ascension. For us or for the others that we love. 

Fear of what is different is what causes a rejection of the truth, that we are all one, that we are all love. 
Fear is a survival instinct, perfectly healthy, perfectly normal but what we are afraid of is sadly out of whack. Our society, technology, and relative safety have evolved so quickly in the last 100 years, and yet our primal survival instincts have not which is why we still respond as if judgment from a family member will lead to being kicked out of the cave and killed by a saber tooth tiger. 

Until we evolve a different physical survival response we need to take the time to use the one that we have already evolved – the ability to question, use logic and reason, and the ability to think through consequences long before they occur. 

Important Lesson #3 – how did we define Crazy anyway? 

All beliefs are made up. Think about all things you believe to be true that were learned at some stage or taught to you by parents and teachers- most without access to Google!

Some of our parents and grandparents didn’t have access to education let alone Wikipedia and the discovery channel! And most people in the world are still not on YouTube.

So if Most people in the world are still not able to communicate freely let alone factually, how do we know that what we know as reality is reality anyway?

What if fear is a delusion? What if the crazy we have labeled as different and dangerous, is in fact the intended and safe but a little hard to control when founding a structure of society? 

So someone in love and a state of joy did something joyous and frolicked off the edge of the wrong mountain and got themselves hurt. And someone who loved them was hurt because they were “gone” from the physical and they didn’t want them to be so they prevented the next person they loved from frolicking near the edge of the mountain. Then that person frolicked with joy and love and frolicked into the experience of stampeding buffalo and got hurt which hurt the person who loved them. So the person who loved them decided that their children and loved ones were now not allowed to frolic near the edge of a cliff, or near a herd of stampeding buffalo in fact it is safer if they just don’t frolic with joy at all.

And so the spiral we now see as “control” and “reality” begins.

This was and continues to be an important lesson for our souls to learn. No matter how endless and eternal we know ourselves to be, for those still in the physical, the pain of losing our human loved ones causes pain and hurt not able to be comprehended by beings of light.

Light knows it’s still here but our human senses don’t allow us to see.

We also know we don’t die from heartbreak but at the time there is no greater pain than the loss of someone we held dear. 

And so our survival instincts said – that hurts, don’t do it. That love thing is dangerous. That light thing is dangerous. Lock it away, dull it down, and never speak of it again. 

But it is not who we are. It may be safer, but it is not the point.

A ship in the harbour is safe from the storms but that’s not what ships are built for. 

Rules are simply mutual agreements of boundaries that allow us to coexist more effectively while moving at the speed of light.

So the “Crazy” that we know is simply a mass generalization of people that think differently and if they think differently then they can’t be controlled the same as everyone else = “danger”.

But what if we were never meant to be controlled, what if the point was to learn self-control?

Important Lesson #4 – even if we are all crazy, even if this was a delusion, wouldn’t love to make the best delusion of all?

Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it can’t be better. 

True love is the embracing of all qualities in others and within. It is the acceptance and recognition that we are all one and so if darkness exists in “them” it must also exist in me. 

True love removes dichotomy and instead accepts, integrated, and appreciates the strength in the contrast as the yin and yan required to achieve balance. 

It is appreciating that if all exists within all of us then the only difference can be within choice. 

The wonderful thing about spiritual delusion is the realization that we were never meant to exist alone. 

The beauty of awakening is the awareness that this life was never meant just for me, but for me to be at the forefront of the next level of our evolution as a species. 

For me to do my best work in helping us evolve I must take care of others so that our species lives long enough to evolve, and the best way to do that is for me to respect that appreciate that they are being all that they can be. 

The most exciting thing about noticing this is that the only way for us to allow others to be their very best is for us to allow ourselves to do the same.

The tree and the bird must coexist together, the tree being the best tree it can be, the tallest or strongest or bushiest or easiest giving the bird the best chance of survival. But for a tree to try to fly it would consider itself a failure. 

The bird in return for safety, does the flying for the tree – carrying seeds further, spreading the next generation, or keeping the tree free from harmful predators that would cause it harm but are the perfect food for the bird. But to try to grow to the same height the bird would be a failure.

The spiritual delusion that we are all one, that we are all love is what allows us to make choices based on the most ecological decision for the symbiotic relationship of all. 

Is it good for my best self

Is it good for yours

Is it good for the evolution of the greater good? 

If this was the delusion of every person in the world, what a phenomenal world that would be. 

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