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energy grounding lightworker Jul 25, 2023

What on Earth is grounding and more importantly how do I do it?

Grounding is the process of bringing the spiritual into the physical. It is taking the energy we’re connecting with and filling ourselves on the inside and transferring that through us to the outside in the same way any electromagnetic conductor Must earth itself to avoid a surge that would burn it out.

If we think of ourselves as receivers then this is not only misguided but often dangerous because we can internalize so much energy that it can send us mad and cause all kinds of physical symptoms. Energy Must flow. Energy Must Earth.

Energy is a vibration which means it is constantly moving. However it can’t move by itself, it needs a conductor- something to travel through to reach its destination.

In your home, all the electricity you need already exists in the world around but without a conductor, we can’t harness and direct that energy without cables and wires to focus the energy from the source ( say the sun) to the destination (say your mobile phone).

Spiritual energy is the same and we are the conductors bringing the spiritual connection through our mental and emotional filters into our physical reality.

If we think of ourselves as a receiver then we stop the flow and the energy builds up inside of us looking for a physical release. It does this through illness, disease.

If energy is being stored then on needs to be insulated to prevent unintentional transfer, electric shocks, or leaking and meltdown. Because we think of ourselves as a receiver our bodies need to protect themselves by becoming bigger, gaining more weight for example to diffuse the energy and insulate ourselves against either receiving or transferring the energy we’ve already received.

Potential Energy can only be stored in this way for so long before it will find a way to break through to the physical world, Causing breakouts to express negative emotions or psychosomatic illness, mental illness to cope with the conflicting external beliefs we try to aspire to achieve even tho we know the real “truth”.

Spirit is pure love and light and knows it needs to flow, it is our mental and emotional blocks that prevent it. Our skewed filters mean that pure love is then distorted, deleted, and generalized into the manifested reality we see around us.

To live a fulfilled and happy And spiritually connected life We Must see ourselves as conductors of electricity. Given that one of the best conductors is water and we are 60% water then it makes sense that we are very powerful conductors of energy and must treat ourselves the same way as we treat high voltage power lines.

So when it comes to grounding, we have a couple of different ways

  • Unintentional ignorance- we didn’t know that grounding was a thing so we don’t do it or just know that a walk in the woods makes us feel better but don’t know why
    Intentional irresponsibility – this is where we ignore everything we’ve just said, blame others for shorting out our circuits, and pretend we are accessing the lessons of the spiritual world but really just hoarding the good bits and using that arrogance to justify why we can’t do anything with it – aka do nothing because we’re too afraid of the consequences of taking responsibility for our part in the universe.
  • Intentional grounding/earthing – this is when we have intentional contact with nature, especially the ground or trees where we feel the energy flow through us and into the earth and feel clean energy flow into us either through water or fresh air or feeling the vibrations, sounds and smells of flowers. This allows us to clear the build-up of energy, particularly negative energy, in a safe way that adds value to our earth and doesn’t hurt anyone else. It directs fear into a space where it can be cleansed and allows love to flow into us, getting our circuits moving again. Walking barefoot is best if possible but if not feel the ground or trees or water with your hands.
  • Intentional flow – this is where you look to share what you’re “hearing” with people around you, therefore transferring the spiritual energy into the physical realm. The challenge with this can be finding people open to receiving and learning to share in a way that adds value and choice into their life rather than diminishing choice. Intentional flow requires us to learn how to share the love and not the fear and so requires us to “clean up” our emotional and mental blocks to facilitate the most functional flow of pure love and light possible. Beginning this process is important as it lifts our conducting from just flowing love and light into nature and moves it into the human experience where we can be an example of spirit (love and light) as well as an educator of spiritual guidance to assist others to become aware of the “truth”.
  • Intentional transfer – this is the path of the lightworker where we are not only an example for those in our immediate realm of existence and spiritual understanding, but also a bridge to those who are not yet ready or able to see the light in the world. This level requires us to not only transfer energy through earthing and flowing messages to those who ask but also by successfully bringing manifested evidence of spirit into our life in a way that is acceptable and inspirational in the version of society in which we live. This level requires us to “succeed” in a way that we are demonstrating the “truth” that others can take us seriously. It is bridging the spiritual love-driven world with the meaning-driven world in a way that inspires fear-based people to cross back into love. It is becoming financially successful so that more of our decisions can be made from love. It is about becoming physically healthy so that more of our energy is able to pass through more easily and even more than that, we can intentionally direct the flow of the energy in a way that makes sense to the people who are also called to direct the flow – the next generation of LightWorkers


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